Α. The collection of useful information not only on a website but also in an innovative digital application, with references to every action, measure and action taken concerning people who have or are suffering from cancer. Our priority is the accessibility of our fellow citizens to beneficial provisions of the legislation and the use of existing structures and services throughout the Greek territory that operate for this purpose.

Β. Providing counselling and legal assistance, developing a channel of communication between the individuals of the group, creating targeted interventions in local communities, informing and activating the beneficiaries about their rights, creating links with national and local institutions and other NGOs, creating information material, protocols for dealing with and recording incidents.

The planned actions of K3 concern the Greek territory according to the prevalence indicators of the disease and are addressed to cancer patients for assisted living and their social integration, in order to improve their quality of life.

The aim of all our actions is to improve the quality of life of cancer patients by supporting their access to health and social welfare services, removing the barriers that create social exclusion and economic poverty both in the target group and in their wider family environment.

The methodology to achieve the objective of each action is mainly based on the successful cooperation of the stakeholders and includes the following steps:

  • Mapping of cancer cases of a defined age range and time horizon to assess the magnitude of the problem
  • Establishing communication channels with the target group, using modern ICT
  • Creating targeted interventions in the target group to inform and activate them about their rights
  • Organisation of counselling assistance to the target group, based on specific protocols for recording and dealing with incidents

IDEA: Your health records... at your fingertips (app)

K3 helps you to collect and manage what concerns you in your illness journey. It helps you take control of your health data when you really need it.

Our work is based on professional volunteering through which one can improve a patient’s quality of life through innovation and research. We developed a free mobile app (available on smartphones and tablets, for Android and iOS) that offers a complete, distributed and collaborative Personal Health Assistant.



Check your Rights & Health Benefits.

We encourage patients to have control of their administrative data.

Your administrative records
anywhere & anytime

Localisation of data
that you need most

Simultaneous site - app
update via sending daily notifications

Direct sending of request/query
via site - app



The development and validation of digital applications to create a framework for the operation of a modern platform to inform the target group about all the welfare services and actions provided to them, the necessary documentation and evaluation criteria.

The receipt of data for evaluation and processing of relevant requests by a team of health professionals.

The issue and provision to the competent service and to the interested party of the latter’s requests regarding the type of its subjects.

Real-time information on the progress of their request

The service by phone, electronically, with physical presence and via site – app


The proposal of K3 to use the digital app can be a key accessibility tool, providing holistic and personalised guidance to cancer patients.

The innovation of the concept lies in the fact that for the first time a Personal Health Assistant is operating that offers integrated and personalized services to cancer patients, caregivers and their families, removing barriers of bureaucratic procedures and following good governance practices and the circulation of ideas and information with respect to human existence.

The team of K3 health professionals informs, guides and processes each request, corresponding to a patient file to be processed. At the same time, the beneficiary is informed at all stages, about all the supporting documents and the evaluation criteria. Through daily notifications, all users are informed about the current situation and what concerns them directly and accurately.

In 2020, K3 was selected by the “Points of Support” programme, which is a partnership of 8 institutions in the country that support the implementation of original small-scale actions with maximum social impact. This selection was the cornerstone of the whole effort. Our inclusion in the thematic module “Support for the elderly” by the TIMA Charitable Foundation, along with the funding, enabled us to participate in capacity building programmes implemented by Social Dynamo, an initiative of the Bodossaki Foundation.

The “Personal Health Assistant” action for Oncology Patient was awarded in 2021 as the first application for synergy actions for patients by Boussias Conferences at the Patient Partnership Awards 2021. For the K3 team, this award arrives not only as a crowning achievement of the hard work and dedication with which we have embraced and worked on the project, but also as an invaluable life-giving resource that feeds the organization with strength, satisfaction and confidence ingredients necessary for our next steps.

Today, the Personal Health Assistant continues to evolve and innovate. The action is now exclusively undertaken by the K3 scientific team, which is constantly working to upgrade it in every way, to provide timely and accurate information and thus to improve the quality of life.

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