A Program of Short Studies
Kapa3, as part of its strategic development to expand its work about cancer treatment, in support of the Centre for Training and Lifelong Learning of the Athens University of Economics and Business, has created and offered the first short program of study entitled “Marketing and Civil Society”.

Brief program description
The program aims to provide participants with basic theoretical knowledge, skills as well as practical tools that will help them to understand the importance and contribution of Marketing in Citizen's Society and to design and implement optimal Marketing strategies and practices. More specifically, the program focuses on how the different tools of the marketing strategy of a company or organization operating in the context of Citizen's Society can be designed and implemented in such a way as to have a positive impact on the long-term survival of the company or organization in the market. Particular emphasis is given to the description of case studies from the Greek and international market. The program is supported by the Cancer Guidance Center (Kapa3), which has the mission to help every person in all possible aspects of their disease and improve their living conditions, through the provision of all possible assistance and services for both themselves and their family, always with an open, honest and respectful attitude. Its role in the program is to provide scientific advice regarding the educational design of the program, to provide input from its staff, and communications support.

Learning outcomes
By the completion of the program, students will be able to understand:

  • The basic concepts and tools related to Marketing and its contribution to Citizen's Society.
  • How to effectively communicate a social action.
  • How to address real Marketing problems in their working environment.


  1. Strategic Planning of Marketing Decisions
    The stages of the strategic marketing decision-making process will be described.
  2. Communicating Effectively A Social Action
    An analysis of the steps required to effectively plan, implement, and communicate a social action.
  3. Best Practice Studies
    Presenting best practice-case studies in the field of Marketing through the presence and speaking of representatives of companies, social enterprises, institutions, foundations, organizations, etc.
  4. Preparation of assignments
    Instructions on how to prepare a dissertation by the participants in the program. Participants in the program will be asked to carry out an assignment focusing on their own or another professional environment to solve a real-life problem with a focus on the subject of marketing.
  5. Personalized counseling
    Remote meetings of one (1) hour with each participant to provide feedback on their work.
  6. Assignment Presentations
    Participants in the program will be invited to give a brief presentation of their work. This will take place in the presence of all the presenters in the program as well as representatives of businesses, organizations, institutions, and citizens' society institutions.

Educational resources
The learning material includes live tutorials, group exercises, case studies, and electronic slides.

The value of the program
The value of the program is based on the growing need for (a) the adoption of marketing principles by institutions and organizations operating in the context of Citizens' Society, and (b) the acquisition and development of appropriate marketing skills and competencies of all persons involved in Citizens' Society.

Deadline for applications: 08/12/2023
Start date: 12/12/2023
Program completion: 15/02/2024

Scientific area
Marketing & Sales

Mode of delivery
Live Streaming

Trainees follow the program via Live Streaming, i.e. via an online platform from the location of their choice. The live-streaming method provides the following advantages:

  • Training without geographical restrictions
  • Lectures can be watched (Live) from the trainee's location
  • Ability to ask the instructor questions
  • Online availability of the program's educational material (all educational material is offered free of charge)

Modern training hours: 30
Includes training hours with classroom, lab, or distance learning (via live streaming) along with any breaks.
Additional engagement hours: 30
Includes additional hours of engagement (indicative) and may include individual study, paper writing, participation in site visits, participation in examinations, etc.
Total hours: 60
Total hours include synchronous and asynchronous training hours, as well as additional activity hours.
Weeks of training: 10
This includes weeks in which any form of activity is foreseen.

Certificate of Professional Education and Training
Trainees who complete the program are awarded Certificate of Professional Education and Training by the Centre for Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning of the Athens University of Economics and Business, accompanied by a Certificate Supplement, which details the subject of the program, the modules attended by the trainee, as well as the training methodology followed.

The program aims to provide participants with basic theoretical knowledge, skills, and practical tools that will help them to understand the importance and contribution of Marketing in Civil Society and to design and implement optimal Marketing strategies and tactics."

Program of the week

Regarding the modern distance learning method, this will take place in the evening hours (17.00-21.00). as follows:

  • 12-12-2023
  • 13-12-2023
  • 14-12-2023
  • 19-12-2023
  • 20-12-2023

Regarding the synchronous remote individualized-individualized-individualized teaching that will concern the preparation of the individual project, this will take place in consultation with each participant during January and February 2024. The presentations of the assignments will take place via a synchronous live format in the afternoons (17.00-21.00) on one day during February 2024.

Methods of assessment and calculation of the final grade
Assessment will be by the production of a final paper. The final grade of 100 marks with a perfect score of 100 will be obtained from an individual assignment to be carried out by the participants and delivered to the program tutors.

Who it is aimed at
The Program is addressed to entrepreneurs, executives, employees, social workers, people who practice and implement aspects of social policy, volunteers, students and any interested person who is professionally related directly or indirectly to Civil Society and its institutions (e.g., businesses, social enterprises, non-profit organizations, public and private law organizations with emphasis on social business) and is interested in acquiring knowledge on how the science and operation of Market. In addition, the program is aimed at anyone with a personal interest in civil society and the contribution of marketing to it.

Prerequisite knowledge
There is no prerequisite knowledge or experience deemed necessary to understand and attend this program. Also, applicants do not need to provide any supporting documents.

Documents requested when applying (information)
Curriculum vitae (obligatory)

Academic Director
Konstantinos Intounas

Academic Staff
Konstantinos Intounas
Sambanis Sotirios
Bista Evangelia
Voulgaris Georgios
Koniordou Markella
Costas Antonios

Ways and methods of communication with the teaching staff
The communication of the students with the Academic Director and the academic staff of the program may take place during the lessons and via email as often as the students themselves wish.

Tuition fees: 540€

LAC subsidy
According to the relevant legislation, the program is not eligible for a LAC subsidy.

Trainees are informed of the installment amounts and their respective deadlines upon acceptance into the program, via email.



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