Public services, first and second grade local government organizations and legal entities of public law, in each of the following fields, have an obligation:


Choosing a family doctor: : It is mandatory to register for a family doctor for all citizens who have legally reached the age of (16) sixteen, people who exercise parental guardianship and all adults.This is accomplished freely, regardless of their place of residence from the list of registered doctors. The selection of a family doctor for those under the protection of the courts and provided with legal guardianship is defined with persons appointed by the Penal Code.

Each person can register for only (1) one doctor. Transferring to another family doctor is allowed only once a year, which comes into effect from the date of registery.

See the relevant Official Government Gazette

For more information regarding the process of registering see here:

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From October 1, 2022, the appointment system for the Personal Doctor will be put into service.
Below you can see the circular that contains instructions to the EOPYY Contracted Personal Physicians on how they should make their appointments.

According to LAW 4727/2020 a citizen can be provided with an affirmation of their bona fide signature at a (KEP) Citizens’ Service Centre or at any adminitrative authority,while at the same time citizens can also use the electronic service. Here is the relevant link:

See the Official Government Gazette

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According to article 66 of Law 4961/2022, natural persons with mobility problems, the elderly or patients can have their signature authenticated at home.

See the Official Government Gazette

  1. Electric services of the e- National Health Care Fund (e-EFKA) which can be transacted via the Citizens’Service Centre as provided by article 31 of Law 3013/2002 (A’ 102), are the following:

1.1 Printing of monthly pension statement

1.2 Printing of yearly pension statement

1.3 Insurance capacity statement for indirect members

1.4 Electronic sick leave benefits application

1.5 Previous experience service statement for private sector employees of (IKA) Social Insurance Institute – (ETAM) United Employee Insurance Fund

1.6 Individual insurance account for private sector employees of (IKA) Social Insurance Institute –(ETAM) United Employee Insurance Fund

1.7 Social security contributions payment statement

1.8 Inventory statement

1.9 Commencement/change/termination of self employment insurance

1.10 Insurance capacity

1.11 Social security contributions payment statement for tax purposes

1.12 Insurance contact information paragraph 9 of article 39 of Law 4387/2016(service provider invoice) as applied.

1.13 Choice of insurance category,of main insurance, supplementary insurance and lump sum benefits 1/12/2021

1.14 Application for dispute of debt Law 4554/2018,as applied.

  1. All of the above paragraph 1 application procedures can also be transacted via teleconference in accordance with article 33 of law 4704/2020(A133).

The issued certificate,document or decision is a valid administrative act bearing the date of issue and computerized impression of the stamp of the e-National Health Fund, administrative signiture and or any other authorized body.


See the Official Government Gazette

Electronic appointments and long -distance service of government agencies and
municipalities. See Government Gazette
My AADE is the new digital portal of (AADE) Independent Authority for Public
Revenue for all provided services.

Press to enter service

In order to better serve insured individuals,the National Organization of Health Care Services is promoting the use of the Personal Health Insurance File-FAY.

A new service is being launched for the certification of the insured,who will now have the opportunity to choose the manner in which they obtain High Cost Medicine. In other words if they wish to receive medicine (as present) from the National Organization of Health Care Services’ pharmacies or from their neighborhood pharmacy which will be assigned to participate in the process of administering High Cost Medicine.

In addition, citizens can be informed electronically regarding the progress of applications via the Electronic Pre- Approval System which grants this service,and more.

FAY Registration

Automatic connection to FAY


Parking ΑμεΑ

The following link refers to citizens who are eligible for disabled parking spaces, the process and the required paperwork:

In general: Public parking lots must have parking spaces with corresponding signs exclusively for disabled vehicle owners at a rate of 5% of the total amount of spaces- for residents and visitors.

It is indicated that when parking spaces for disabled vehicle owners exist outside a public building the requirements are:

α) Underground parking lots: Parking spaces for the disabled must be conveniently placed near an accessible lift. The parking space must be adjacent to the lift and free of obstacles.

β) Outdoor areas: Parking spaces for disabled vehicle owners must not be more than 50m from the accessible entrance and unobstructed.

The relevant legislation is the following:

  1. Article 26 paragraph 6 of law. 4067/2012(NOK2012)»Special regulations for the convenience of disabled individuals «(During the conformation or construction of residencial areas, especially areas intended for pedestrian use,such as squares/pedestrian walk ways/pavements/traffic islands/green spaces/parkland areas/bus stops/docks etc) If the morphology of the ground allows it,it is necessary to ensure accessibility to disabled individuals… as well as a 5% rate of the total amount of parking spaces or at least one for the use of disabled individuals’ vehicles in accordance with the Planning Guidelines of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change «Designing for All» as they are amended and implemented.

*Design Guidelines for autonomous mobility and disabled living:


Parking spaces for special needs individuals requires a specially designed space with easy access and larger dimensions than usual (approximately 3.50×5.00m).

Parking spaces for disabled individuals parallel to the pavement should be avoided. If this is not possible then the length of this special space must not be shorter than 6m so that it is possible for the individual to pass between two parked cars -one behind the other.

Parking ΑμεΑ

To connect the parking space with the level of any adjacent pavement,a ramp with a width of at least 1.50m should be constructed.

When parking spaces serve a building which houses public services,banks, theatres,cinemas etc care must be taken so that the parking spaces for disabled individuals are located at the shortest possible distance from them – if possible less than 50 m-and autonomous movement and accessibility to the entrance to the building must be ensured. In cases of parking spaces that serve special areas such as archeological sites,attractions etc , special care must be taken so that parking spaces should not exceed 300m from the area. Otherwise, a special means of transportation must be provided (for example a low floor vehicle with a boarding ramp) for the transport of individuals from the parking area to the venue.

Parking ΑμεΑ

The rate is 5% of parking spaces for disabled vehicle owners of the total amount of spaces – and at least one space in the case of small parking areas.

This space must bear the corresponding sign as well as the International Symbol of Disable Access both on a signpost which must be visible and on the ground. It is prohibited for other drivers to park in this space.

When parking meters are installed special care must be taken so that they are positioned accordingly for all users and especially accessible for disabled individuals. Their operating mechanisms must be at a height of 0.90 to 1.20m from the ground.

Parking ΑμεΑ

It is self evident that wherever possible the existence of a parking space with dimensions capable of servicing disabled individuals in front of an accessible entrance will be provided. Parking of other vehicles will be prohibited and the appropriate signpost and ground markings will be put into effect.

See the Official Government Gazette

According to the Circulars of the General Secretariat of Public Administration and Electronic Government service and accessibility with priority to disabled individuals is ensured by law to all government agencies.

According to Article 6 of Law. 3242/2004-FEK 102/A’ & article 12 of Law. 2690/1999-FEK 15/A’.

See the Official Government Gazette

Quality criteria were determined in article 4 of Law 4931/2022.

See Government Gazette

Additions to new health care compensation products and services were conducted by the National Organization for Health Care Services , amount of compensation was determined.

See Government Gazette

Select electronic prescriptions to obtain from your doctor the particulars of your prescription via SMS or email directly to your mobile phone.

Activation of electronic prescription service

Instructions to electronic prescriptions service

See the Official Government Gazette


Sick leave benefits apply to insured employees currently employed and who due to physical or mental illness cannot temporarily work and are absent from their place of employment for more than 3 days for the first time in the work year. Article 35 of Law 1846/1951.

Depending on the occupation/profession of the insured for each former insurance agency the prerequisites change. In article 2 of Law 1846/1952 “Regarding Social Insurance”.

A request must be submitted to the insurance agency in all circumstances and the necessary supporting documents as determined.

Supporting documents differ for the following insurance agencies:IKA,TAYTEKO,ETAP MME AND ETAA.

The duration differs according to the insurance agency after the declaration of illness or diagnosis.

In accordance with Circular 23 of the National Organization for Health Care Services ,a representative can submit supporting documents as long as they are legally authorized.

If the application is overdue,the party of interest will be informed of its rejection but also notified of their right to appeal and the process which needs to be followed.

From late 2020, it is possible for e-EFKA insured employees to submit their applications electronically and receive their sick leave benefits via the platform.

Instruction Manual of electronic platform for employers

Instruction Manual of electronic platform for insured employees


The determination of short -term illness as well as the beneficiaries are defined in Article 5 of Law 2112/1920 and was completed with article 3 of Law 4558/30.

A united agency managing welfare benefits and social solidarity benefits.

Law 4674/2020 determines issues such as 22 days special leave, disability leave,e.t.c

See relevant Government Gazette

Information relating to the application form for disability pension.
See here

Electronic application for retirement
Early disability pension is granted by the constitution only to relatives of the first
degree (parents, spouse, siblings) of the disabled and not to legal guardians who do
not have any of these attributes
Possibility of provision of lump sum to pensioners.

Legal Counsel’s evaluation of government ordinances pertaining to Article 25 of Law 2084/92.

See the terms, as determined by decision Number 39892/CD 12,A. Taxation Archive 3018,7/11/2014.
The circular in accordance with Article 34 of Law 4430/201 and Article 13 of Law 4331/2015.

Serving time in prison does not constitute a hindrance for welfare disability benefits.

See the circular

Lump sum payment granted to disabled civil servants and disabled beneficiaries of the National Organization for Health Care Services,in accordance with proclamation/year.

2022 decision – Pensioner Beneficiaries

Information regarding the benefit and the beneficiaries in relevant

See the Official Government Gazette

Regulations for the access of the uninsured to the public health system

See relevant Government Gazette

Uninsured senior citizens’ social solidarity benefits

Uninsured senior citizens’ social solidarity benefits


The government must provide to ensure the health and care of all its citizens.


The European Council’s strategy on Disability 2017-2023

Brief guide for disabled individuals and persons with chronic illnesses.

See a guide here


Transportation and Compensation for beneficiary Patients

See the Official Government Gazette

Also see here

In accordance with Law 4903/2022, article 17

Electronic Disability Transportation Card,only for those who have been issued a
disability parking permit and war disability.

For more information see here:

Discount coach ticket fare within the county/district

See here Government Gazette and necessary paperwork

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