New modern facilities of the non-profit organization KAPA3

With immense joy and pride, we announce that the non-profit organization Kapa3, with a mission to offer to people suffering from Cancer, will continue the creative and productive work from the new, modern offices at 13 Kostis Palamas Street, Athens.

Το ΚΑΠΑ3, is an organization that aims to support and inform people suffering from cancer, and their families, regarding their accessibility to the beneficial provisions of the current legislation, as well as the utilization of existing structures and services that operate for this purpose throughout the Greek territory. The organization and the members of the organization believe that people with cancer and their families should have access to accurate information at the time they need it. The organization’s website and the free kapa3 app (available on smartphone, tablet, Android, and iOS), operate as a guide to specific Rights and Benefits.

Improving the quality of life for Cancer patients is a top priority for the Kapa3 organization. A team of professionals supports patients in all procedural matters outside and inside the hospitals. The measurement of social impact had excellent results with 91% of patients stating that the presence of the service was instrumental in making their daily life easier.

The Movable Groups operate from the Theagenio Cancer Hospital of Thessaloniki and the University General Hospital of Alexandroupolis, covering the region of Macedonia – Thrace and beyond, while their aim is to improve the quality of life of oncology patients and to provide new prospects for social integration, social protection, and employment. Soon we will be able to announce new “Information and Management” groups.

The Movable Units started their work with the foundational donation of TIMA Public Benefit Foundation which supports Greek non-profit organizations that contribute to social improvement with a focus on the Elderly.

Kapa3, in three years of operation, has employed more than 15 people, while it has been the first preference in the choice of graduates of social support professionals, in the context of their internship, resulting in the strengthening of the action groups and its network, with more than 25 students. In addition, it has proceeded to establish collaborations with Universities in Northern Greece and beyond, as well as with Research Laboratories of Medical Departments of Universities in the country and abroad, in an effort to improve and scientifically approach and document activities and services provided to cancer patients throughout the country..

On the basis of the activation of the organization’s new offices and according to the needs of its beneficiaries and employees, another step is taken to encourage the development and expansion of the organization’s network, through proper cooperation, flexibility, empowerment, trust, and equality. “The beneficiaries and partners of the organization find support at all levels and thus are encouraged to be the best version of themselves in an environment that is built based on the vision and mission of the organization”, said by, Ms. Bista Evangeli, Development and Operations Manager of Kapa3.“In an environment where each of us feels cared of, supported, and connected, with a strong sense of ownership, the organization’s growth is taken for granted,” she added.

In addition, Ms. Bista emphasized that the organization’s new offices are made possible with the valuable support of the company “THENAMARIS” which she thanked for its valuable assistance.

“The contribution to our community is at the forefront for the company, leaving a strong, continuous, and positive social footprint that meets the specific features and needs of Greek society. Moreover, the ability to respond to challenges, to anticipate and adapt to the “seas and storms” is a warranty of viability for us and an important partner in the work and contribution of Kapa3“, Ms. Bista concluded.