Our goal at Kapa3 is to assist every person in all aspects of their disease and to improve living conditions by providing any necessary assistance and service for both the patient and their families and caregivers with an open and honourable approach.


In collaboration with fellow associations in the private sector, civil services, non-profit organizations and other solidarity groups, Kapa3 has managed to create a website which acts as an updated go to guide for the information on patient rights and benefits.

Our goal is to gather all useful information on one place for the benefit of both former cancer patients and those still fighting the battle. Here we report all measures put into effect and which pertain to them in a simple and comprehensive manner.

Our priority is the access of our fellow citizens to advantageous regulations of the current legislation and the utilization of facilities and services which operate for this purpose throughout Greece.


The Cancer Guidance Center sprung out from an idea which matured and flourished in March of 2020.

The center’s team is comprised of experienced professionals (doctors,economists, lawyers, executive health care providers, computer engineers and IT technicians, cultural and sport executives). We are supported by administrative staff and volunteers, who all share the same goals and a common vision.

All of us here at Kapa3 source our strength from those who are ill or have been ill in the past from cancer. Our driving force is none other than the conviction that patients need to access information when needed.

Our long term goal is the improvement of patients’ quality of life, as well as, the creation of new prospects for their social integration, protection and employment through the appropriate planning, coordination and the implementation of corresponding efforts.



Our faith is in the Human.


Nothing good ever came out of comfort zones.


Our experiences have led to an genuine commitment to the Kapa3 vision, creating innovative and flexible ways of thinking and people who support each other.

From day one of individual’s diagnosis we provide communication and support. We are involved in all stages of their treatment and thereafter, their reintegration back into daily life.

Our team receives patients and their families requests and evaluates the amount of support that is needed.

The team advises and guides the patient and their close family members or informal carers regarding benefits to which they are entitled to during their treatment, while also encouraging the most effective use of services both in the public and private sector, always by protecting their personal data.


Head of Development and Operation of Kapa3

Evangeli Bista

Over 20 years of experience in human recourse management in healthcare units, specializing in employee training and development.
MSc Organization and Management of Health Services and Health Informatics, NKUA, MBA in Business Administration University of the Aegean, Master Business Administration University of the Aegean.
BSc Business Administration and Organizations, HOU, BSc Health and Welfare Unit Management University of West Attica.

Certified adult educator E.K.E.P.I.S, ASPETE, Certified Oncology patient volunteer.


Project Coordinator Of Kapa3

Georgia Mara

Graduate of the Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy, and Psychology of the University of Ioannina with a major in Educational Sciences. Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. For the last few years, she has been professionally involved in the strategic development of Higher Educational Institutions and the development of collaborative programs in the same field as well as consulting on educational organizations’ strategic and sustainability development. Her role at Kappa3 involves developing and managing projects with institutions in Greece and abroad.

Partnerships development

Markela Koniordou

With a degree in Biology and Biomedical Research from University College London and 13 years of international experience in public health research, communications and coordination, she plays a central role in Kapa3’s networking, as well as the development and management of its international projects.



Zoe Thanopoulou

Law University of Central Lancashire, UK Masters Degree in Maritime Law from the University of Southampton.

Based on Pireaus and with an office in Athens, and always with important collaborations, she manages to defent the rights of oncolgy patients to the best of her ability.

Psychological Support - Project Team Supervision

Chrysa Karakana

With studies in London and Athens, in the field of psychology and clinical psychology, with many years of experience in psychological support and empowerment of cancer patients and patients with chronic diseases, as well as in groups of patients and their caregivers, she plays a key role in the psychological support of the project team and the beneficiary patients, contributing to the smooth communication with oncology patients.



Vaia Pantazi

Graduate in Sociology from Panteion University, majoring in Modern Greek and European Society.
Her main areas of interest are social issues, human rights, as well as social research. Her role in the Organization concerns the coordination of services provided to patients, as well as the management of internal processes.
Vaia is disciplined in her professional orientation with ethics equal to the profession she serves, consistent and, committed to her goals, with excellent organizational skills and ready to collaborate within any team with a common goal and vision.


Elisavet Papamichael

Sociologist, a graduate of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, majoring in Theory and Applications, with a keen interest in social issues and a vision for practical changes towards equality in the health sector.
Elisavet is sensitive towards vulnerable groups, passionate about what she does and always ready to collaborate and expand her knowledge.


Aris Paraschakis

Social Worker, graduated with honours from the Department of Social Administration and Political Science – Social Work of the D.P.Th., MSc Social Work in Education – Inclusion of Diversity of the Department of Social Work of the  D.P.Th. (Honours). Dedicated to continuous learning and professional development, he seeks to contribute to the enhancement of the uniqueness of each individual and the provision of people-centred services by developing practices that facilitate the defence of human rights, mediation to meet needs and the active participation of stakeholders in issues that concern them.


Sultana Liama

Graduate of the Department of Social Work of the Democritus University of Thrace (D.U.Th.), with an active coordinating role in voluntary teams, regarding human rights and prevention of social problems. Communicative and committed to the value of the team, she turns to the full information, empowerment, and guidance of patients to improve their social functionality and increase their well-being.


Constantinos Makropoulos

Social Worker, graduate of D.P.Th. of the Department of Social Administration and Political Science, with a focus on social work, ASPAITE, MSc in the Department of Social Work with the title Social Work in Education – Integration of Diversity, MSc in Bioethics. She offers her services to the Kapa 3with the aim of preventing and dealing with human needs and social problems, guiding patients, empowering and strengthening them with the aim of increasing their well-being

Constantinos Fountas

Graduate of the Graphic Design and Visual Communication Department of the University of West Attica, with expertize on graphic design and excellent knowledge of the English language and the most important graphic design softwares. His main objective is the communication and transmission of knowledge and information through the creation of visual and audiovisual content such as images and videos. In addition, he focuses on the creation of multimedia applications that have as a main point of interest the integration of innovative features to facilitate the daily life of his co-citizens. 


Zinovia Nakopoulou

Social Worker, graduate of D.P.Th. of the Department of Social Administration and Political Science, with a focus on social work, ASPAITE, MSc in the Department of Social Work with the title Social Work in Education – Integration of Diversity, MSc in Bioethics. She offers her services to the Kapa 3with the aim of preventing and dealing with human needs and social problems, guiding patients, empowering and strengthening them with the aim of increasing their well-being


Zoi Hliopoulou

A graduate of the Department of Social Work of the University of Thessaloniki, working in adolescent counseling groups within the framework of the program “Initiative for the Mental Health of Children and Adolescents”. Zoi has worked voluntarily with patients with Multiple Sclerosis at the Department of Neuroimmunological Diseases of the University of Thessaloniki. She is currently volunteering at Kapa3 and at the Society of Social Psychiatry P. Sakellaropoulos.

Margarita Oikonomou

Graduate of the Nursing Department of the International University of Greece, with an interest in Epidemiology and Clinical Studies. She emphasizes the prevention and betterment of the quality of patients’ lives.
Margarita is characterized by her eagerness for spreading knowledge and interested in pursing further study in health science, she is always willing to cooperate with new individuals to develop new skills.

Effi Aslanidi

Graduate of the Department of Social and Educational Policy with direction “Social Policy”, University of Peloponnese. Always with a keen interest in human rights and vulnerable social groups, while she is very active in the field of advocacy/information. Disciplined- being a classical ballet dancer- , meticulous and committed to the goals she sets for herself and the group she belongs to.

Vaso Adamopoulou

Graduate Student of the Law Department of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, with excellent knowledge of English and French. She has a keen interest in volunteering and helping vulnerable social groups. She contributes in every way to the requests of people who are ill and their environment while she works daily on updating the site and the app for the rights of patients and for the current legislation.
Vaso is focused and always with a smile. Having the human being at the centre of her actions, she manages to do great things in a simple way.

Garifallos Zagas

He is a third year student at the Nursing Department of the
International Hellenic University. He has participated in numerous
conferences and shows a keen interest in ecological issues and problems
that plague society. He likes to work on prevention and educating the
population on health issues and with an empathetic approach to guide and
provide solutions to any problem that arises. Garifallos strongly believes in the value
of volunteerism and always tries to do his best for the world around

Efthymis Pliatsios

Student at the Department of Nursing of the International Hellenic University. He participates voluntarily in the Kapa3 program, within the framework of the research laboratory “Care of Adult Cancer Patients”. He believes that through volunteering a more empathetic society can be created. As a nursing student, he feels that this voluntary program brings him closer to man and his disease, resulting in learning to offer holistic care in the treatment of his disease.  

Eleftheria Kotziakalfa

Graduate of the Department of Social Work of the Democritus  University  of Thrace.  She has very good knowledge of English and German. Carried out the her internship at the Mobile Information and Management Unit of Kapa3 in University Hospital of Alexandroupolis. She then continued her offer as a volunteer.  Polite, composed and always willing to meet the needs of patients and their caregivers. 


Eleni Theodorou

Fourth-year student of the Department of Nursing of the International Hellenic University and active member of research laboratory “Care of Adult Cancer Patients” of Professor Lavdaniti Maria, through whom the opportunity was given to collaborate with Kapa3. She holds English (C2) and German (B2) language degrees, a computer certification, as well as music studies (cello). She has participated in numerous conferences, seminars and programs in Greece and abroad. She is a person of service and volunteering. She likes positions of responsibility, because she is called to come every day faced with something new, gaining knowledge and experience. She is organizational and emphasizes the details. She takes care of everything she undertakes to accomplish with success, being very strict with herself, constantly looking for challenges for her future career. She is inspired by her teachers, making sure to constantly raise her personal bar.  

Maria Despina Tsiougou

Student of the Nursing Department of the International University of Greece, she is a volunteer in the research laboratory of the Nursing Department of the International University of Greece, which collaborates with Kapa3 and the Theagenio Hospital of Greece.
Maria Despina’s approach focuses on the importance of human contact and its improving the quality of life of patients. She also firmly believes that continuous learning is key to evolving as an individual and a professional.

Athena Fragedaki

Student of the Nursing Department of the DIPAE and active member of the
cancer research laboratory of Professor Maria I. Lavdanitis. Through her
contribution to Kapa3 and pulling together information for patients, Athena aims to
educate herself as an oncology nurse who will provide holistic care for
issues related to the cancer patient inside and outside the hospital.

Anna Hatzinikolaidou

Student of the Nursing Department of the International Hellenic
University of Greece. Graduate of a music school with knowledge of piano
and a degree in harmony. She is a volunteer at Kapa3 via research workshop “Care of Adult Patients with

Eleni Lozou

Kapa3’s communication strategy support , she develop’s the Center’s outreach activities and opportunities for sustainability. She has numerous years of experience in Communication and the development of cultural and non-profit organizations. BA from the Department of Communication and Media (NKUA), MA in Arts & Cultural Management (King’s College London).

Antonis Kontakis

Physiotherapy Department of Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, graduate. He has attended postgraduate studies in Neurological Rehabilitation at the University of Brunel in London. Antonis is the co-owner of a pediatric physical therapy clinic in Thessaloniki. He has also attended seminars in oncology and the rehabilitation of oncology patients and has been involved in volunteerism since his early student years because of his desire to support those in need.

Babis Rallis

He is a graduate of Open Study Photography, with many years of experience in street photography. He has volunteered for various organizations and has been published.
Personal blog:(Lighthouse -Calendar)


The principles and values that we embrace are inspired by the UN Convention on the Rights of Individuals with Disabilities and are as following:


We respect the inherent right of dignity, individual autonomy, including the freedom of personal choice and independence.


We uphold a no discrimination policy and guarantee protection against discrimination on any grounds.


Our goal is the complete and effective participation and integration of patients in society.


We respect diversity and believe in the acceptance of individuals with disabilities as part of humanity.


People with disabilities are entitled to health, employment, education based on equal opportunities.


Individuals with disabilities must live independently and fully participate in all aspects of life.


All people are equal and are entitled to equal protection and equal benefits under the law.


Respect for the evolving capabilities of children with disabilities.


Respect for the right of children with disabilities to preserve their identify.





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